Children and Play Therapy

Helping Children Heal Through Creative Expression

Children are best able to achieve healing through their inner creative expression. This is achieved most effectively through play therapy. This approach allows freedom to express unease without relying on verbal expression. Activities include art, drama, puppets and games as well as biblio therapy and storytelling.

“Play Is the Natural Way for Children to Heal”


Counselling For Children

During times of chaos and unpredictable outcomes, it is common to feel worried, sad, helpless, and fearful. Nearly everyone is feeling many of these emotions at this time. Counselling provides reason, calmness, and a sense of optimism and strength which allows happiness to return.

For children, my “play therapy” office offers a safe place to work through issues in which they feel stuck. Art, drama, storytelling, and sand world are some of the techniques used. Adults find my Alberta office comfortable, safe and directed at achieving the progress they desire. EMDR, TIR, Narrative Therapy, Brief Therapy, and CBT are found to be effective strategies in handling growth and change. There are a variety of other techniques used as appropriate.

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