Mediation during Separation or Divorce

Finding Ways to Resolve Conflict Within The Family

Though everyone may be damaged by conflicts during marital separations or divorce, the children involved are often the most severely impacted. Leora’s therapy works to reduce conflict and find resolution through the most current and effective techniques. Together, she will help you to resolve and eliminate negative emotions that are leading to damaging behaviour.

When a couple is going through a separation or divorce, it can be an emotional and challenging time. While neither party may want to continue their relationship, they still need to navigate important decisions surrounding child custody, division of assets, and more. Counselling and mediation services can provide support during this process and help couples work towards a resolution that meets their needs. In counselling sessions, individuals have the opportunity to process their emotions and explore ways to communicate effectively with their former partner.

Mediation allows for parties to come together in a controlled setting with the assistance of a trained mediator to discuss critical decisions and find mutually agreeable solutions. The addition of counselling during the mediation process can make separation or divorce less contentious and allow individuals to move forward in a healthier way.


Counselling Services for the Clients of Family Lawyers

Many individuals who are going through the difficult process of mediation, separation, or divorce can benefit from counselling services. Family lawyers are invited to refer my counselling services to clients who need help resolving disputes and improving communication skills, ultimately leading to a smoother resolution for all parties involved. In addition, counselling can provide emotional support for individuals as they work through the legal process resulting in the success of their case. If you are a family lawyer working with clients who need help coping with emotionally charged issues, I invite you to contact me for a consultation.

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